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  • News from the Communications and Publications Division (CPD)

  • IFCC General Conference “Laboratory medicine: preparing for the 2020’s”

  • Budapest IFCC General Conference presentations

  • Clinical Chemistry Trainee Council: Course on study design in laboratory medicine

  • Accreditation: what’s next?

  • Highlights of recent events in bioethics

  • UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence: last call for nominations


    • The Slovenian Day of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
    • News from the Spanish Society of Laboratory Medicine
    • News from the Italian Society of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
    • News from Pakistan
    • Updates of the EFLM publication list
  • IFCC's Calendar of Congresses, Conferences & Events

Vale Jill Tate 2018-12-12T04:38:49Z /ifcc-news/2018-12-04-dr-jill-tate/ IFCC Office Jill was a well known and respected figure in the international clinical biochemistry community and her many contributions include: 

Jill was the Australasian Association of Clinical Biochemists (AACB) Roman Lecturer in 2017, Chair of the AACB Harmonisation WG 2011 - 2017, AACB Vice President, SRAC, and an Editor on CCLM.

She leaves behind a wealth of experience and knowledge through her numerous publications and leadership.

A role model for many IFCC and AACB members, Jill will be greatly missed.  


Some tributes to Jill can be read here


eJIFCC Vol 29 n°4 2018-12-05T14:43:02Z /ifcc-news/2018-12-05-ejifcc-vol-29-n-4/ IFCC Office

eJIFCC Volume 29 no 4 - 2018

In this issue: Laboratory medicine – meeting the needs of Mediterranean nations (Part 2)
eJIFCC New 2015 Thumb for web.jpg
Click here to download a PDF of the full issue.
1 Foreword from the editor-in-chief
János Kappelmayer
Improving efficiency in laboratory medicine
2 Traceability in laboratory medicine: what is it and why is it important for patients?
Graham H. Beastall
3 Laboratory medicine in Palestine
Rania Abu Seir, Osama Najjar
4 Inter-laboratory comparisons and EQA in the Mediterranean area
Alexander Haliassos
5 An evidence-based laboratory medicine approach to evaluate new laboratory tests
Tommaso Trenti
6 Which skills are needed and how they should be gained by laboratory medicine professionals for successful ISO 15189 accreditation
Diler Aslan
Perinatal and pregnancy laboratory medicine
7 Prenatal screening for chromosomal abnormalities: where do we stand today in Mediterranean countries?
Demetrios Rizos
8 The role of laboratory medicine for health during pregnancy
Adnan Alkhatib
Mediterranean diet and the area’s specific diseases
9 Alcohol abuse
Tomáš Zima
10 Urinary proteomics in biomarker discovery of kidney-related disorders: diabetic nephropathy and drug-induced nephrotoxicity in chronic headache
Elisa Bellei, Emanuela Monari, Stefania Bergamini, Luigi Alberto Pini, Aldo Tomasi, Tomris Ozben
11 Standardization of the HbA2 assay
Renata Paleari, Andrea Mosca
12 Surrogate biomarkers for monitoring healthcare quality for chronic diseases such as diabetes care
Diler Aslan
13 The role of laboratory medicine in addressing migrant health problems
Adekunle Bashiru Okesina, Ademola Adelekan


IFCC TF-YS Webinar: "Essential Skills to Structure a Paper" 2018-12-05T12:06:22Z /ifcc-news/2018-12-05-ifcc-tf-ys-webinar/ IFCC Office On Thursday, December 13th, 2018, don't miss joining the IFCC Task Force for Young Scientists and Dr. Anthony Newman from Elsevier Publishing, publisher of prominent journals such as Clinical Biochemistry and the IFCC’s official journal, Clinica Chimica Acta.
Dr Newman will help participants to understand how to structure an excellent paper, an important skill for establishing credibility in your industry.

Click here for further information and to register for the complimentary webinar

TF YS Logo

IFCC Programmes for Personal Support 2018-12-04T12:14:55Z /ifcc-news/2018-11-28-wg-ps/ IFCC Office Both IFCC Programmes for Personal Support will link an experienced senior laboratory medicine specialist (Expert or Mentor) with a more junior practitioner who can benefit from the expertise and experience provided on a one to one basis. Experts will provide short-term support on a specialist topic whilst Mentors will assist with more broadly-based leadership development. WG-PS aims to recruit additional volunteer Experts and Mentors as well as promoting their availability to support more junior colleagues.

Further details of the two personal support programmes and how to use them can be found on the IFCC website by using the following link:


IFCC Call for Nominations 2018-11-28T23:46:34Z /ifcc-news/2018-11-28-ifcc-call-for-nominations/ IFCC Office For further information on the open Calls for Nominations, please visit the IFCC Call for Nominations page.

Traceability in Laboratory Medicine at the General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM) 2018-11-25T13:15:17Z /ifcc-news/2018-11-22-jctlm-website-update/ IFCC Office The 26th General Conference of CGPM held in Versailles from 13-16 November 2018 attracted global media attention because of the approval of a resolution to revise the international system of units (SI) so that they are all now linked to physical constants. Agreement was reached to redefine four of the seven base units of the SI – the kilogram, the ampere, the kelvin and the mole. 

The new definition of the kilogram attracted most attention because it means that the famous International prototype of the kilogram, (sanctioned by the first CGPM in 1889 and kept at the Pavillon de Breteuil near Paris), is now linked to the Planck constant.

Amid this excitement there was a conference which included presentations of the practical application of metrology to every day life. On behalf of JCTLM Graham Beastall gave a presentation entitled “Traceability in laboratory medicine: a driver of accurate results for patients.” This presentation is available for download here

IFCC Call for Nominations 2018-11-20T10:40:48Z /ifcc-news/2018-11-19-ifcc-call-for-nominations/ IFCC Office For further information on the open Calls for Nominations, please visit the IFCC Call for Nominations page.

IFCC General Conference in Budapest - Laboratory medicine: Preparing for the 2020’s 2018-11-14T23:36:19Z /ifcc-news/2018-11-14-ifcc-general-conference-in-budapest/ IFCC Office

Dr Kinniburgh, IFCC Secretary, Prof. Morris, IFCC President, Prof. Ozben, IFCC Treasurer and Dr Hinzmann, IFCC Corporate Representative, at the opening session of the IFCC General Conference 2018, Budapest, (HU), November 2018. IFCC Executive Board in the background slide.

IFCC Division Chairs: Prof. Lai, EMD; Prof. Adeli, CPD; Prof. Gillery, SD; Prof. Bernardini, ETD. With: Dr Kinniburgh, IFCC Secretary and IFCC GC Co-Chair, Dr Brudasca, IFCC GC Co-Chair, and Prof. Morris, IFCC President.

eJIFCC Vol 29 n°3 2018-12-05T12:08:05Z /ifcc-news/2018-11-06-ejifcc-vol-29-n-3/ IFCC Office

eJIFCC Volume 29 no 3 - 2018

In this issue: Laboratory medicine – meeting the needs of Mediterranean nations (Part 1)
eJIFCC New 2015 Thumb for web.jpg
Click here to download a PDF of the full issue.
1 Foreword of the editor-in-chief
János Kappelmayer
2 Laboratory medicine: meeting the needs of Mediterranean nations
Guest Editors: Sergio Bernardini, Bernard Gouget
Transmissible diseases in the Mediterranean area
3 Communicable diseases in the Mediterranean region
Ghassan Shannan
4 Are medical laboratories ready for the diagnosis of parasitic diseases?
Ahmet Özbilgin
5 Travel, migration and emerging infectious diseases
Nicolas Vignier, Olivier Bouchaud
Training and education in laboratory medicine
6 Is the profession of laboratory medicine uniform across the North Mediterranean countries?
Konstantinos Makris
7 EFLM project “Exchange of practical knowledge and skills in Laboratory Medicine” – EFLMLabX
Evgenija Homšak
Improving health with emerging technologies
8 Economic evaluation as a tool in emerging technology assessment
Nataša Bogavac-Stanojević
9 Who or what is SHERLOCK?
Ann M. Gronowski
10 Advancement in POCT molecular testing: the multiplex PCR POCT devices for infectious diseases
Alpaslan Alp
11 New solutions for the sample transport and results delivery: a digital lab
Damien Gruson
12 Next generation sequencing: from research area to clinical practice
Chiara Di Resta, Maurizio Ferrari
13 miRNA and other non-coding RNAs as promising diagnostic markers
Dorota Trzybulska, Eleni Vergadi, Christos Tsatsanis
14 Letter: NGS for metabolic disease diagnosis
Dèlia Yubero, Rafael Artuch
15 Letter: Reflections on the mentor-mentee relationship as a symbiosis
Josep Miquel Bauça
16 Letter: Inter-laboratory exchange of knowledge and technology around our Sea
Guilaine Boursier