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2018 06 14 IFCC eNews No 5 June 2018


The June issue of eNews is now available. This issue opens with the report of a VLP held in Tunisia. It is followed by a touching article on Dr Tietz, passed away recently. Other news highlights include an article on Commutability, the presentation of the clinical case studies section of CCTC, a YS-Mentor interview, and a focus on AI in Laboratory Medicine. The latest news from IFCC Federations and National Associations follow, along with PSEP experience and the calendar of Congresses. Subscribe to the eNews to keep up with current activities around the laboratory medicine world!
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2018 06 12 IFCC Handbook 2018 - 2020


We are happy to announce that the 2018 - 2020 edition of the IFCC Handbook is now available. A valuable resource, the Handbook contains comprehensive information about the function and operation of IFCC including: IFCC Regional Organizations, Divisions, Committees and Working Groups; Full Members, Corporate Members and Affiliate Members; contact details; and Statutes and Rules of the IFCC. Read all the updated information about the function and operation of IFCC in a single online publication!
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2018 06 04 DiV - June 2018


Enjoy the contents of the new DIAGNÓSTICO IN VITRO June issue. En este número tiene un espacio importante la COLABIOCLI: su Presidenta expone una reseña histórica y plantea un compromiso general y una tarea de todos para alcanzar los objetivos propuestos; igualmente la Presidenta del Congreso COLABIOCLI 2019 (Panamá) informa sobre el avance del mismo. Aportes de los miembros de Iberoamérica en noticias y artículos de investigación provenientes de Argentina, Brasil, España, Guatemala, Colombia, Panamá y República Dominica, complementan la “materia prima” de esta edición. In this issue the IFCC WG-IANT confirms its commitment to advance excellence in laboratory medicine for better healthcare worldwide in Latin America.
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2018 05 28 Professor Norbert W. Tietz


On May 23, 2018 our profession of clinical chemistry laboratory medicine lost a great man and leader with the passing of Professor Norbert W. Tietz who was an icon as a scientist, author, editor, educator, mentor and colleague. During his lifetime, he made multiple outstanding contributions in several laboratory related disciplines and the books that he produced and edited remain the primary source of information for many laboratorians. In fact, his Fundamentals of Clinical Chemistry is often affectionately referred to as the “The Bible” of Clinical Chemistry. He was an outstanding individual and consummate professional who was respected and admired worldwide. We will all miss him.
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2018 05 23 IFCC Membership survey


The Annual IFCC Survey has been developed by CPD and the Committee on Public Relations to survey the membership across the organization and seek input on the impact and effectiveness of IFCC publications, scientific and educational programs, and various IFCC activities globally. Your feedback is important to design improved educational and communication tools. The survey closes on 15th June. Don't miss out! Please take 10mins to complete the survey today.
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2018 05 10 IFCC Annual Report 2017


Do you want to know about the activities that were carried out in 2017 by IFCC and its members? The IFCC Annual Report 2017 compiled by Dr David Kinniburgh, IFCC Secretary, is now available. A message from the IFCC past President, Prof. Maurizio Ferrari, welcomes the reader, followed by reports from IFCC Officers on key projects covering a wide range of clinical, scientific, educational and communication related topics. National or Area Societies and Regional Federation reports are also included, allowing the opportunity to communicate their activities to other members.
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2018 05 08 C-CLM second interactive case scenario


C-CLM is happy to present a second case scenario on "Short-Term and Long-Term Biases in Internal QC Results". Prof. Aye Aye Khine Wamono, will evaluate responses and provide feedback through the IFCC webpage. Please submit your answers directly to Prof. Wamono. The C-CLM looks forward to your participation and performing fruitful interactive discussions with you!
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2018 05 03 IFCC eNews No 4 May 2018


The May issue of eNews is now available. This issue opens with the announcement of the Memorandum of Understanding between IFCC and AFCC with ASLM, aimed to strengthen and improve the quality of laboratory medicine in Africa. Other news highlights include activities of the new Committee on Clinical Applications of Cardiac Bio-Markers (CB), and a focus on the Committee on Value Proposition in Laboratory Medicine. Reports from VLP in India and from DQCML in Malawi follow, along with a presentation of the AACC CCTC and the latest news from IFCC Federations and National Associations. The calendar of Congresses closes the issue. Subscribe to the eNews to keep up with current activities around the laboratory medicine world!
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2018 05 03 - eJIFCC Vol 29 n°1


The first issue of eJIFCC for 2018 is now available - the first edited by Prof. János Kappelmayer, director of a large clinical laboratory at the University of Debrecen, Hungary. eJIFCC, indexed on PubMed Central, has become an increasingly recognized journal, greatly due to the dedicated efforts of the former Editor-in Chief Professor Gábor L. Kovács. Prof. Kappelmayer's intention is to continue to publish thematic issues, along with research articles, free communications, letters, and book reviews. Articles in this first issue for 2018 will definitely be of interest to all practicing laboratory specialists. Topics include next generation sequencing for diagnosis of human disease, the investigation of leptin receptor polymorphism in rheumathoid arthritis, hematological parameters in HIV infected patients, and the new IFCC clinical chemistry curriculum developed a guide for trainees in clinical laboratory medicine.
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2018 04 19 Publication of the JCTLM Newsletter for 2018


JCTLM is pleased to announce the publication of its 2018 Newsletter. Accompanying the distribution of the Newsletter is a special report on Commutability of Certified Reference Materials written by Greg Miller and Neil Greenberg. This special report will be described in more detail in the next News Update.
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2018 03 27 IFCC Call for Nominations


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2018 03 26 WG GMECC


The IFCC is happy to present the document “How Should Glucose Meters Be Evaluated for Critical Care”, prepared by the IFCC WG on How should Glucose Meters be Evaluated in Critical Care (WG-GMECC). The document addresses the clinical practice of using Blood Glucose Meters (BGM) and what requirements they must fulfill in order to be used in critically ill patients and in Professional Healthcare Settings on patients in various states of health and receiving intensive medical intervention and therapy.
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2018 03 12 IFCC eNews No 2 Mar 2018


eNews March issue is now available. The issue opens with the presentation of the new IFCC Division, Emerging Technologies, chaired by Prof. Sergio Bernardini. Other featured news items include an article on the IFCC Curriculum, phase 1, as a tool for the eAcademy; the presentation of the IFCC -Gerard Siest triennial Award; a report from the IFCC TF for Young Scientists on their participation in the ACBICON Congress; and the first of a series of presentations of the AACC initiative CCTC. Latest news from IFCC Federations and National Associations and the calendar of Congresses, Conferences and events follow. Subscribe to the eNews to keep up with current activities around the laboratory medicine world!
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2018 02 21 DiV - February 2018


Enjoy the contents of the new DIAGNÓSTICO IN VITRO February issue. Empezamos con nuestro primer número de la revista electrónica DIV para el año 2018 y nuestra meta es hacerla cada vez mejor para ustedes. Deseamos presentar en la revista Diagnóstico In Vitro las buenas noticias para los profesionales y amigos de nuestra región de Iberoamericano, junto con los artículos de investigación en las Ciencias del Laboratorio. In this issue the IFCC WG-IANT confirms its commitment to advance excellence in laboratory medicine for better healthcare worldwide in Latin America.
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2018 02 16 IFCC Call for Nominations


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2018 02 19 IFCC Curriculum


The IFCC Curriculum, phase 1, was developed as part of the IFCC eAcademy project by the Committee for Distance Learning. Authors are: R. Greaves (AU), J. M. Smith (UK) and section authors are: R. Greaves, C Florkowski (NZ), L. Langman (US), J. Sheldon (UK). The IFCC Curriculum is a guide for IFCC member societies in their development of syllabuses for postgraduate trainees in laboratory medicine, appropriate for use in their own countries. It is also intended to provide a resource for trainees in planning their private study in preparation for academic and professional qualifications which lead to formal recognition of expertise and status as experts and leaders in the field of laboratory medicine.
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2018 02 15 IFCC TF-YS Free Webinar


Register for the Complimentary Educational Webinar: Integration and Impact of High-Sensitive Troponin Testing in Improving Patient Care. The IFCC Task Force for Young Scientists invites you to join the first educational webinar for scientists and laboratorians in 2018. By attending this session, attendees will gain a better understanding of these new Troponin assays, how the test is being integrated, and the impact on clinical practice and the laboratory. It will be held on Thursday, February 15th, 2018 - 9:00 a.m. EST Don't miss this opportunity!
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2018 02 01 IFCC eNews No 1 Feb 2018


The first eNews of 2018 is now available. The issue opens with a message by the IFCC President, Prof. Morris. Featured news includes an interesting report on the 14th International Congress of Paediatric Laboratory Medicine, an article on Traceability and one on Accreditation of medical laboratories. Latest news from IFCC Federations and National Associations, a report by an IFCC Professional Exchange Programme participant follow. In 2018 eNews will be published monthly, increasing the number of newsletters annually to ten issues per year. Subscribe to the eNews to keep up with current activities around the laboratory medicine world!
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2018 01 30 - C-CLM Survey on Leadership


The Committee on Clinical Laboratory Management (C-CLM) is interested in your opinion. Spare 10 minutes to participate in the C-CLM Laboratory Leadership Learning Needs Assessment Survey today! Deadline for the survey is February 28. Your participation will help contribute toward developing a Laboratory Leadership Training Program that can be used by Clinical Laboratory Leaders to improve their leadership techniques and skills. Results of the survey will be shared but no individual responses will be presented and the privacy of individual respondents will be respected.
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2018 01 24 - IFCC President Message


Read the message that Prof. Morris, IFCC President, addresses to all IFCC member colleagues. Laboratory medicine currently faces significant challenges some of which confront all the healthcare disciplines. Professional leadership has never been more vital to provide strategies for improving the crucial role of laboratory medicine in patient care. Such leadership is provided by the IFCC, our regional federations and our national societies. As President, Prof Morris looks forward to extending the work of the IFCC in a range of important areas.
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2018 02 01 IFCC ETD


The IFCC is proud to announce the formation of a new Division. The Emerging Technologies Division (ETD), chaired by Prof. Sergio Bernardini, is responsible for identifying and assessing emerging technologies and for translating the emerging and disruptive diagnostic and data analysis procedures from academic laboratories to clinical laboratories and from clinical laboratories to market.
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